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Stephen Heppell

I first met Stephen in the days of HEADNet (the HyperCard Educational Application Developers Network) in 1988. Subsequently we worked on the Renaissance project to develop CD-ROM multimedia. I then joined Stephen at Anglia Higher Education College in 1990 and worked alongside him to develop the Ultralab as a research and development centre until he left in 2004.

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Reflection: Stephen introduced me to concepts of social justice, learner-centredness, multi-modality, vision, the benefits of neologism (!) and the confidence to take action. I learnt how to manage change, manage people and direct innovation under his leadership.

It is safe to say that Stephen Heppell's thoughts and actions are the biggest influence on my mature practice.

I consider the agenda he set for Ultralab as one I fully subscribe to, and his clarity of purpose to be simply inspirational.

The values he proposed of inclusiveness and caring have become my own and the example he set in practically exhibiting such values is the standard I aspire to. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and make things happen was infectious and his ability to leave the past and look forward unparalleled. It has been my pleasure to have been his critical friend, but rarely have I found fault beyond the trite. He was always generous in listening to my sometimes overly analytical perspectives, but our partnership was at its best when I found myself complementing his talents with my own.

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Lewis Carroll describes a fictional map that had:

"the scale of a mile to the mile."

A character notes some practical difficulties with such a map and states that:

"we now use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well."
— Sylvie and Bruno Concluded, Lewis Carroll, 1893