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From: 'Presentation of the Submission', in the document: 'Regulations and Procedures Governing the Award of the Degrees of: Doctor of Philosophy by Published Work and Doctor of Philosophy by Practice', Approved by the Board of Studies for Research Degrees, October 2008, Approved by the Academic Board, October 2008, Version 3 (Dec 2008)
  1. 1  A title page which shall give the following information:

    1. an appropriate title relating to the candidate’s area of research

    2. the full name of the candidate

    3. one of the following statements:

      Published works submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the University of Bolton for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on the basis of published work OR
      Portfolio of evidence submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the University of Bolton for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on the basis of practice

    4. the month and year of submission.

  2. 2  A contents page listing all of the published works or the items of evidence included in the portfolio on which the application is based.

  3. 3  An abstract of approximately 300 words.

  1. 4  A high quality reprint or photocopy (at least A5 and preferably A4 size) of all the publications or items of evidence cited in the application for registration, if necessary giving proof of authenticity. The items shall be numbered and correspond exactly with the list cited in the application for registration. For the PhD by publication, unpublished works in support of the application may be appended, although normally only published work will be admissible for submission.

  2. 5  A rigorous critical appraisal, normally between 10,000 and 15,0001 words, comprising:

    1. details of specific dates and locations in relation to the conduct of the research on which the submission is based;

    2. an analysis of the general and specific aims of the research programme, including an analysis of its component parts and a synthesis of the works as a coherent study;

    3. a discussion of the contribution made by the submitted works or evidenced by the items within the portfolio to the general advancement of the field of study and research area or professional or creative practice, which demonstrates a common theme;

    4. a demonstration that the work or the practice constitutes an independent and original contribution to knowledge in the chosen field;

    5. a review of the current literature, unless already incorporated within any of the other items submitted.

  3. 6  A signed declaration confirming whether or not any of the works or the practice on which the application is based has formed part of any submission for any other degree awarded to the candidate.

  4. 7  Where any work has been published or carried out in collaboration with other persons, a statement signed by the candidate and co-authors or collaborators specifying the extent of the relative contributions of each to the work.

The published works or portfolio of evidence and accompanying documentation shall be presented in a box file of sufficient rigidity to support the weight of the enclosed material when standing upright. Once all revisions to the submission and report have been completed satisfactorily after the examination, the submission must be permanently bound in its final form according to the format detailed in the Research Degree Regulations and three copies lodged with the University.

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