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This section provides a summing up for the whole dissertation, thesis and body of practice submitted for examination.

This dissertation presents a thesis formed of three design analyses [A1, A2, A3] and discussion and analysis of the 11 selected items from my portfolio which provide an empirical basis for the thesis. These, supported by methodology and a theoretical & conceptual framework, make a claim for the award of PhD. The key to this is the practice itself, which I argue has been internationally significant in originality, impact and importance.

Starting with the development of a single piece of educational software, Snooker, created at the time the genre was established, I have grown in ambition to ultimately design educational infrastructure based on significant projects such as Ultraversity, which at its first graduation in 2006 awarded a BA to around 150 students with almost half with first-class honours.

My work has been guided by the theoretical analyses I have presented which have been used in practice to steer design decisions. These form an original contribution to knowledge that will become the basis of further research & development to refine their validity and support their reliability.

The portfolio selection made could have been larger, but a pragmatic decision to limit the choice for both handling and for coherence has been made.

My contribution has mostly been in collaboration with others, but in total, I argue there is enough evidence of my individual input, often in the form of critical advice and mentoring to colleagues as well as personal creative innovation.

Finally, I have developed this thesis extensively by using a web site and content management system to source, develop, organise, design and present my argument and hope that the model I have explored, described in the section Methodology for this dissertation will act as useful basis for others to follow in my footsteps.

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