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Deryn Watson (1987)

Developing CAL: Computers in the Curriculum

Harper & Row, London. (ISBN: 9780063183827).

This book explores the development of computer assisted learning (CAL) materials that have been designed to enhance and extend the curriculum. Such materials, both their software and the accompanying notes, can be seen as an integral part of the learning environment of the classroom. This book is also a detailed case study of a curriculum development project in action, tracing its working pattern, principles and problems. Guidelines for developing CAL are given that will be of interest to other developers in the field, and cover such topics as: development stages of a CAL unit; specification and the 'comic strip'; screen design and user interface; school trials; programming and design tools; and modus operandi of a development team. Detailed examples of software under development are given to illustrate the text. Throughout the book, the discussion of CAL is related to the wider issues of teaching and learning with the computer.

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