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Carole Chapman, Leonie Ramondt, and Glenn Smiley (2005)

Strong community, deep learning: exploring the link

Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 42(3):217-230.

This explores the constructivist understanding that shared practitioner research in collaborative online spaces leads to deeper learning. The research was developed within the context of building the National College of School Leadership's (NCSL's) online learning communities. A community and a learning scale, both emerging through grounded analysis, are applied to six conversations across both formal and informal learning contexts. When representing the findings, a strong similarity in the community and learning graphs suggests an association between the two. Recommendations point to the importance of building collaboration and community, integrating formative assessment, and freeing the learning-facilitator from tasks that the community can fulfil, so that they can focus on their primary role of facilitating quality learning.

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