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Joan Bliss and Jon Ogborn (1989)

Tools for exploratory learning: A research programme

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 5(1):37-50.

The programme will examine the role of tools in exploratory learning through a series of extended-time studies with children between the ages of 10 and 16. To do this it will modify and/or extend existing software tools and develop new tools where necessary. Exploratory tools allow learners to investigate models of a given domain which are different from theirs and so examine consequences and conflicts. Expressive tools give children the opportunity to express their own models about reality and so learn through representing, exploring and reflecting on the consequences of these. These are different and complementary modes of learning. Further distinctions are made between quantitative, qualitative and semi-quantitative tools for both exploratory and expressive tools. Two main curriculum areas are selected: Technology and the Humanities.

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